The Room Of Spectacular Opulence

Fashion film for Joana Almagro, shot at We Are Kin Studio by Darkfield

The concept was based on Joana Almagro’s travels in different countries in Europe and Asia. Murano glass in Italy opened new dimension of art and design concept. The craftsmanship of Murano glass conveys opulence and Tiffany glass stain lamps are remarkably exquisite. Prompted her to look closely on intricate hand crafted Chinese lacquers carved in different types of flowers which symbolizes beauty. 

The collection is focused on women’s “Ready-Couture” silhouettes, a combination of ready-to-wear designs and elements of Haute Couture. Joana’s signature look features exquisite tailoring and different fabrication techniques such as lazer cut details combined with perspex, metallic trims and Swarovski crystals to create a contemporary feel. 

Watch the fashion film here.



Photography studio in Manchester